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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Huckabee At-Large Petition Links

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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jim Trakas to Announce his candidacy for Ohio 10th District Congressional

For Immediate Release                                                                       Contact: Steven M. Backiel

Wednesday, December 12, 2007                                                                   (216) 621-5417

       For several months, Chairman Rob Frost has worked to recruit a top tier candidate for The United States Congress in the seat abandoned by Presidential Candidate Dennis J. Kucinich, who recently denounced the United States of America on Syrian state television and voted against a memorial resolution commemorating the lives of those lost in the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.
       We are pleased to announce that The Republican Party will vigorously contest the 10th Congressional District with a high profile, established and seasoned candidate.  With the strong cooperation of Ohio Republican Party Chairman Robert T. Bennett, Vice Chairman Kevin DeWine, Chairman Rob Frost and the leadership of The Republican Party of Cuyahoga County, Former State Representative Jim Trakas of Independence will announce his candidacy for The United States Congress this Saturday. 
      We are inviting anyone who wants to be part of this effort to attend Jim's announcement to the public.  Below are the details, and coffee and donuts will be served.
WHAT:  Announcement of Jim Trakas, Candidate for The U.S. House of Representatives District 10
WHEN:  Saturday December 15, 2007 10:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
WHERE:  City of Independence City Hall Council Chambers, 6800 Brecksville Road 
Independence, Ohio 44131.  City Hall is located on State Route 21, Brecksville Road on the Northwest Quadrant of Selig and Brecksville Roads, North of Rockside and South of 
Pleasant Valley Roads in the city of Independence.
    If you would like to join Jim in the announcement, please contact Steven Backiel at RPCC HQ at 216-621-5417 or  so that we may plan accordingly.
     Be a part of political history for this special announcement of the campaign that will restore effective, in touch and rational leadership to Greater Cleveland's West Side
# # #

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


by Dick Morris,
Published on on November 28, 2007.
As Mike Huckabee rises in the polls, an inevitable process of vetting him for conservative credentials is under way in which people who know nothing of Arkansas or of the circumstances of his governorship weigh in knowingly about his record. As his political consultant in the early '90s and one who has been following Arkansas politics for 30 years, let me clue you in: Mike Huckabee is a fiscal conservative.

A recent column by Bob Novak excoriated Huckabee for a "47 percent increase in state tax burden." But during Huckabee's years in office, total state tax burden — all 50 states combined — rose by twice as much: 98 percent, increasing from $743 billion in 1993 to $1.47 trillion in 2005.

And he can win in Iowa.

When voters who have decided not to back Rudy Giuliani because of his social positions consider the contest between Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee, they will have no difficulty choosing between a real social conservative and an ersatz one.

Romney, who began as a pro-lifer and switched in order to win in Massachusetts, and then flipped back again, cannot compete with a lifelong pro-lifer, Huckabee.

But Huckabee's strength is not just his orthodoxy on gay marriage, abortion, gun control and the usual litany. It is his opening of the religious right to a host of new issues. He speaks firmly for the right to life, but then notes that our responsibility for children does not end with childbirth. His answer to the rise of medical costs is novel and exciting. "Eighty percent of all medical spending," he says, "is for chronic diseases." So he urges an all-out attack on teen smoking and overeating and a push for exercise not as the policies of a big-government liberal but as the requisites of a fiscal conservative anxious to save tax money.

So what happens if Huckabee wins in Iowa? With New Hampshire only five days later, his momentum will be formidable. The key may boil down to how Hillary does in Iowa. Hillary? Yes. If she loses in Iowa, most of the independents in New Hampshire will flock to the Democratic primary to vote for her or against her. That will move the Republican electorate to the right in New Hampshire — bad news for Rudy, good news for Huckabee. But if she wins in Iowa, there will be no point in voting in the Democratic primary and a goodly number will enter the GOP contest, giving Rudy a big boost.

And afterward? If Romney wins Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan and South Carolina, sweeping the early primaries, Giuliani will have a very tough task to bring him down in Florida or on Super Tuesday. It can be done, but it's tough. But if Romney loses in Iowa (likely to Huckabee) then Rudy can survive the loss of Iowa and even New Hampshire without surrendering irresistible momentum to Romney.

In any event, neither Hillary nor Giuliani will be knocked out by defeats in Iowa and New Hampshire. Their 50-state organizations, their national base and their massive war chests will permit them to fight it out all over the United States. Even if they lose the first two contests, they will remain in the race and could well come back to win.


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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Championship Series Schedule

Although apparently the Yankees may be pinch hitting for the tribe in ALCS game 4...:)

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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Ronald Reagan Breakfast

To help celebrate my upcoming birthday on October 30th. (well maybe that's not why-- but it's still happening)  the Lake County Republican Party will be hosting the first annual Ronald Reagan Breakfast on Tuesday October 30th at LaMalfa, 5783 Heisley Road in Mentor.
Tickets are $25 per person.  You can view and or download the invitation flier at

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Friday, September 21, 2007

The Ride is Over at Geauga Lake

Exclusive from Crain's Cleveland Business

4:05 pm, September 21, 2007

Geauga Lake's amusement rides won't be back for 2008, parent company Cedar Fair announced Friday afternoon.

"The market demand simply isn't there to support the park in its current structure," Cedar Fair spokeswoman Stacy Frole said. She said Wildwater Kingdom, the $25 million water park Cedar Fair built on the south side of the lake, "has really been the most popular attraction at Geauga Lake. We believe that's where the property is going to succeed — as a water park."

Cedar Fair CEO Dick Kinzel said in a statement: "Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom has been recognized as one of the finest water parks in the country. Since its opening in 2005, Wildwater Kingdom has been the park's highest-rated attribute."

The future of the rides on the 119-year-old amusement park's north side, including the classic Big Dipper wooden roller coaster, is uncertain.

"Our planning and design department is going through and analyzing what the best use for all of our assets are," Ms. Frole said. "Will some rides be located to other (Cedar Fair) parks? Yes." She would not specify which rides might be going to which other Cedar Fair properties. Cedar Fair also owns Cedar Point amusement park.

Mr. Kinzel and Cedar Fair chief operating officer Jack Falfas shared the news with employees at Geauga Lake in person. Park general manager Bill Spehn is expected to retain his position, according to Ms. Frole.

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